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 Travel Boutique

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Xceptional Travel Destination Travel  (XTD) is owned and operated by its founders, Shankara McNair and Tatonya Holman. These two travel ambassadors started XTD Travel because they wanted to provide family and friends with affordable, attainable, luxurious travel opportunities. And 16 years later, because of their steadfast desire, XTD Travel has grown into a full-service travel club known throughout the Washington, DC, metropolitan area for its customized luxury travel vacations and its ever-expanding XTD Travel Trips!


In September 2021, the duo decided to add more to their expanding catalog through an online boutique where people worldwide can get their classic and bougie sayings on various items, like t-shirts, caps, water bottles, and more.


Follow XTD on Facebook & Instagram @XceptionalTravelDestinationsTravelClub for more info on bookings, upcoming trips, hot alerts, and more!


Live, Explore & Celebrate

Tatonya & Shankara 

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