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XTD Travel believes that everyone should Live, Explore and Celebrate!  And to aid our travel club clients and members in accomplishing their travel dreams, we offer the following services for groups:

  • Destination Vacations

  • All-Inclusive Vacations & Getaways

  • Wellness Vacations/Getaways

  • Small/Large Group Travel

  • Travel Clubs

  • Family Reunions

  • Social Clubs/Groups

  • Intimate Couple Getaways

  • Social Clubs/Groups

  • Cigar Conventions

  • Intimate Couple Getaways

  • Group Bus Trips

  • Couples Retreats/Getaways

  • School Trip Travel

  • Church Group Travel and Coordination

  • “Bucket-list” Destination vacations

  • Wellness Retreats

  • Golf Getaways

  • Wine Tasting Getaways

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