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Are you interested in planning your own group vacation and potentially going FREE as a Group Coordinator? XTD Travel has a plan for that, and here are the steps to manifest your dream group vacation!

  1.  Submit a Request for a Quote to start the process of setting up your own travel group. 

  2. Schedule your  Travel Discovery Call with one of our Expert Private Travel Event Planners by clicking here: I'm Ret To Jet!

  3. Join your Travel Discovery call on your scheduled date and time. Now be sure to come with your travel dreams intact! Because at XTD Travel, BIG DREAMS lead to EPIC VACATIONS!

  4. Sit back and watch us work our magic in the XTD Travel Lab.... the place where travel dreams are manifested daily!

  5. Join our Facebook Group so that you can get all the details on our new trips when they launch!




The team in the XTD Travel Lab has manifested your DREAM private group travel event… Now What? It's simple.  You just need to . . . . . 

  1. Start spreading thee. word to your travel event invitees! Note: in order to lock in your group rates, you will need to put down the required deposit within 7 days of the group contract being received. Note: The minimum per-person deposit amount will vary based on the required trip deposit.

  2.  Once you confirm you have enough people ready to book, XTD Travel will create an online group booking page just for your group with all of the DEETS"  necessary to register for your EPIC travel event. Note: Upon registering, a registrant will automatically be set up on a payment plan for his/her reservation.

  3.  Registrants start receiving emails about all of the amazing and fun activities XTD Travel has curated for your travel event. This includes travel tips, important COVID-19 updates, excursions, travel destination highlights, etc.

** Important Note: A group consists of 10 rooms or a minimum of 20 people

depending upon the location selected for Your travel event**

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