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When planning a group travel event, you want a specialist that understands the dynamics and many moving parts of planning group travel specifically.  Not only that, you want someone who is experienced and has the resources required to help plan and deliver your group's vacation of a lifetime!  With XTD Travel, these things are standard.

When planning a group vacation, you want to work with a travel agency that listens to your group travel desires and requirements.  And more importantly, takes the time to understand your travel desires and requirements…and then go to work in the lab to curate a group trip that meets and exceeds your group's trip desires and requirements!…. With XTD Travel, this is the only way we roll! 

XTD Travel desires to create and build lasting relationships with our travel club clients.  And that is why when you select XTD Travel as your preferred group travel partner, you can be assured of the following:

  • Experience & Integrity

  • The XTD Reputation

  • Teamwork and Professional Service

  • Exceptional Quality, Value, and Service for the Money Spent

  • Discounts for XTD Travel Club Members

  • Savings for Forming Your Own Travel Group with XTD Travel Club

  • Payment Security

  • Your Own Travel Advocate

What Can Travelers Expect from XTD Travel Club? 

Travelers who entrust their travel experiences to XTD Travel can expect to be treated with the utmost care, concern, and professionalism. Because here at XTD Travel, we fully recognize that our brand is only as good as the relationships we build with our clients.   So. a positive client experience will always be our number one goal. 

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