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Xceptional Travel is an upscale boutique travel agency dedicated to serving the needs of groups looking to book upscale all-inclusive vacations. Xceptional Travel (XTD) is owned and operated by its founders, Shankara McNair and Tatonya Holman. As Travel Ambassadors…a fancy way of saying “folk who love to travel,” we decided to start XTD Travel Club because we wanted to provide family and friends with affordable, attainable, upscale curated travel experiences…. just like the ones we were finding and putting together for ourselves. Fast forward 15 years later, and XTD Travel has grown into a full-service boutique travel club that has planned and hosted vacations/getaways for hundreds of satisfied clients, aka our travel family!

Today we still operate our business on our founding principles…. “Value for the Ask,” “Dream Vacation Attainability,” and our unwavering commitment to making these things happen for our clients! Our experience and personalized approach to planning and executing group leisure vacations make us the premier go-to group trip travel partner.

We offer a wide range of group vacation options… from cruises to upscale all-inclusive destination vacations and many other options. Here at XTD Travel, everyone is family! And we truly believe that your next vacation is limited by how BIG you are willing to dream! So dream BIG, play HARDER, and get ready to LIVE, EXPLORE AND CELEBRATE one XTD Travel Vacation at a time!!!


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