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Welcome to the XTD Travel Club “Travel Resources” online travel library, as we like to call this area of our website.  Because here is where you will find a lot of information about a lot of things...all travel-related of course.

Need to know what time it is back home while vacationing in Bali?   That’s Simple; check out Time Zone tools in the Important Travel Websites section of the XTD online travel library.

Need to know the latest on the COVID-19 guidelines as you prepare to leave for your trip to Dubai?  Easy enough...head on over to our Covid-19 Resources section. There you will find the most up-to-date information about COVID-19 so that you can prepare to travel safely and with ease to wherever you are going.

Or perhaps you need to complete one of the all-important XTD Travel forms as part of your registration for one of your trips. Gotcha covered there, too in the Travel Forms section of our online library.

The XTD Travel Club Travel Resources library is an amazing resource.  Visit it soon and often as we are continuously updating our online library with new and interesting travel-related information.

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