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Shankara McNair and Tatonya are the dynamic duo behind Xceptional Travel Destinations (XTD Travel), a full-service boutique travel company celebrated for crafting unforgettable travel experiences.


Shankara serves as the Managing Director of Operations and Corporate Strategy, bringing over two decades of experience in the travel industry. Her affinity for vibrant and diverse destinations like Dubai, St. Lucia, and Cabo San Lucas reflects her passion for curating extraordinary travel experiences.


Tatonya, serving as the Managing Director of Sales & New Business Development, matches Shankara's expertise with her own two-decade tenure in the travel sector, designing dream vacations to places like Greece and South Africa. Her commitment to exceptional customer service is a cornerstone of XTD Travel’s ethos, establishing its reputation as a travel company that treats its clients like family.


Their collective approach, often characterized as being "in the lab," involves constantly developing new ideas and strategies, which has been instrumental in broadening XTD’s services and elevating its market position. Their visionary leadership and belief in the limitless possibilities of travel have driven XTD Travel to deliver unique, high-touch service experiences.


Together, Shankara and Tatonya's collaborative leadership has solidified XTD Travel’s status as a trusted name in the travel industry, celebrated for treating clients like family and adept at transforming travel dreams into reality. Their continued partnership is key to XTD Travel's success, providing tailor-made travel experiences that fulfill the varied and imaginative wishes of their clientele.



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