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Hey, do you know many times we have heard our travel club family members say:

“I would like to be able to find and purchase my airfare on my own. But I would like to pay for it in installments”.

Well, here in the XTD Travel lab, we heard you, and we set out to find a solution!  And we found it in Airfordable!!!

With Airfordable, you pay for your flight in installments with an upfront payment due at the time of booking. Then the remaining installments are paid before you travel. Your ticket(s) will be issued to you once your final payment is made. No gimmicks. No hassle.  And no credit check is required!

We already know what you are saying….”Wow...XTD Travel...this is amazing!”  And our response… “It absolutely is!”  

Making the Airfordable option available here on our website is one more way to ensure that our travel club members have travel options!

So if affordable flight options are what you need, Airfordable is a great option.  Use the URL below to get all the details and to book and pay for your flights in installments. 

 Oh, and by using the URL above, you will get $25 off your first booking with Airfordable!!.....


Disclaimer:  XTD Travel is providing information about Airfordable as a courtesy to our travel club family members. Purchasing flights through Airfordable is at the purchaser's discretion, and XTD Travel assumes no responsibility for any transactions between Airfordable and XTD Travel clients. However, XTD Travel club does receive compensation from Airfordable through its referral program for excursion purchases made using our referral program link.

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