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To be eligible to participate in the XTD Travel VIP Refer-A-Friend Program, you MUST have traveled with XTD Travel at least once.

This program is for our XTD Travel family members who absolutely love to travel.  As only a true travel enthusiast can appreciate the new XTD Travel “VIP Refer-A-Friend Program."  This program gives our past travel family members the option of receiving ‘cash” or  “travel credits” towards their next XTD Travel sponsored VIP Vacation for referring a friend to travel with us on one of our upcoming VIP travel experiences!

Traveling with  XTD Travel is now not only fun and full of once-in-a-lifetime travel memories, but you can now get paid to do what you already enjoy doing…Traveling! 


Hey, it absolutely doesn’t get any better than this! 



Refer a friend to XTD Travel Club who books one of our VIP  Travel Vacations.


You get $50 in cash or as a future travel credit After your friend registers and completes his/her trip.


Repeat these steps up to 5 times per month! 

XTD Travel’s VIP Travel Refer-a-Friend 
Referral Program Guidelines

  • Referring Traveler (you) must have traveled with XTD Travel previously. (If you have already booked but have not yet departed, you may begin to earn referral cash/credits only after you have completed your travel.)

  • For each eligible new traveler you refer, we'll issue you a $50 cash referral fee/future travel credit within 30 days of the Referred completing his/her travel. You will be notified of your earned referral fee/future travel credit via email.  Note: the email received will serve as the record of your earned referral fee/future travel credit.  Upon receipt of that email, you will need to respond to that email to advise how you would like to receive your earned referral (i.e., a cash referral fee or future travel credit).  Referral cash payments will be issued via PayPal. No exceptions.                                                                                                               

  • For each new Referred Traveler, only one past Referring Traveler may claim credits.


  • Referred Traveler (your friend) must be new to XTD Travel.  Meaning they must not have booked or traveled with us in the past and must not have an existing booking for future travel at the time of the referral. Referred travelers must book a scheduled XTD Travel  VIP Trip. Our other products or services, including our private custom group travel events/trips, do not qualify for the program.


  • Your Referred Traveler (your friend) must give us your full name, phone number, and email address at the time of booking on his/her registration form.


  • For reservations paid in full at the time of booking, referral credit still will not be issued until your friend has completed his/her travel.  Again, we only issue referral cash/credits after a referred traveler has completed his/her travel.  Once this happens, the referring past XTD Travel traveler will be issued a $50 cash referral fee/$50 credit towards a future trip within 30 days of the trip being paid in full.


  • Use of Credits:  The Referring Traveler (You) may apply up to (5) travel credits (for a value of $250) at a time on a single booking toward all charges on your XTD Travel invoice. Note that Personal expenses, excursions not included in your VIP Trip package or services purchased on tour, and any other costs noted on your invoice/the trip landing page as not being included as part of your package remain your responsibility.)


  • Travel Credits used toward a vacation that you later cancel are forfeited. Travel Credits are valid for up to 24 months from the date of issue and are not redeemable for cash.


  • Travel Credits cannot be combined with any other marketing promotion, offer, coupon or discount. If at the time of booking, the referring traveler would like to use a sale or coupon greater than or equal to a $50 value, the sale or coupon discount will be applied to their booking instead of the $50 referral credit.


  • As a Referring Traveler (You) may host your own private travel group.  However, as the host of a private travel group, you would not be eligible to participate in the VIP Referral Fee Program. Instead, as the Private Group Host, you would only be eligible for host benefits offered for your specific group package at the time of booking.


  • XTD Travel reserves the right to amend or discontinue this program at any time without notification.


  • Your privacy: When you provide us with the name and contact information of Referring Travelers or Referred Travelers under this program, we will only use and store that information to verify their status as a booked traveler and/or their eligibility to participate in the program and not for any other purposes. To learn more about how we collect, use, please review our privacy policy.  

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