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 We Curate Upscale Travel Experiences!

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"Featured Upcoming Trips"

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What Makes XTD
Travel Club Unique?

Nothing is more frustrating than to be asked about your travel likes/dislikes and must-haves for your vacation only to get your quote back (or even worse), to get to the destination/resort recommended by your travel agent and realize that your travel agent completely missed the mark!

This is why travelers who reach out to XTD Travel for help planning their trips can be assured that we listen during our travel discovery calls with them, and we deliver on their “asks.”

Simply put, XTD Travel Club is in the business of creating custom curated travel experiences for our clients.

And we do this by...   

  • Listening to our clients asks.

  • Researching the best options that meet our clients asks

  • Building a complete travel experience around our clients asks

  • Delivering a travel experience that exceeds our clients asks

It doesn’t get any more custom curated than this!
What Can Travelers Expect from XTD Travel Club? 

Travelers who entrust their travel experiences to XTD Travel can expect to be treated with the utmost care, concern, and professionalism. Because here at XTD Travel, we fully recognize that our brand is only as good as the relationships we build with our clients.   So. a positive client experience will always be our number one goal. 

What People Love About XTD!

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