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Portugal: Opulence in Paradise

Is Portugal on your travel bucket list? If not, here is why it should be?


When you think about your next vacation, what sort of activities come to mind? Sipping wine on an exclusive winery tour? Watching a watercolor sunset from onboard an elegant yacht? Waking up in an opulent villa by the sea? Sampling mouthwatering innovative cuisine in a Michelin-star restaurant? If any of this sounds like your idea of the perfect getaway, then we know where your next travel adventure should be: Portugal.

With no shortage of attractions for the discerning traveler, Portugal has long been a hotspot for celebrities, royalty, and anyone looking to pamper themselves and indulge their senses. Unsure of where to start? We’ve got you covered with this quick breakdown of the most luxe destinations in Portugal.


The Algarve


At first glance, the Algarve might look like a collection of sleepy fishing villages, but don’t be fooled. The gorgeous landscape, world-class surfing, and abundance of resorts and golf courses have made the Algarve a new hotspot for the high-end traveller. Quaint, picturesque towns, exclusive wellness centers, elegantly appointed villas and beach resorts make this part of Portugal a fantastic destination for the well-heeled globetrotter.




Located on the Portuguese Riviera, Cascais has long been a favorite vacation spot for aristocrats and royalty. Old Town Cascais is like something out of a dream, with pastel-colored buildings, cobblestone streets, and flowers everywhere. The beaches sparkle like gold under the constant sunshine, and the water is a deep azure blue. With charming markets, lots of historical points of interest, and a delicious selection of fine dining restaurants, you’ll never run out of ways to be wowed in Cascais.




Porto is, of course, known for its most famous export, port wine, and there are numerous wineries you can visit for tours and tasting sessions. The nearby Douro Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is another prolific wine-producing region and well worth a visit. Need something to go with that wine? Be sure to sample the local cuisine, and don’t miss out on the Francesinha sandwich. Containing a variety of meats, melted cheese, a fried egg, and spicy sauce, this mouthwatering treat will keep you fueled for a day of exploring.




The capital of Portugal is a city filled with rich culture and endless diversions. Expect Michelin-star restaurants, premium resorts, opulent villas, and lots of character. For something a little different, take in an equestrian show at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art. Consider yourself a foodie? Spend a day at Compadre Cooking School and learn how to make traditional Portuguese cuisine. Take a day trip to Sintra and explore the iconic Palace of Pena, a brightly painted palace looming over the landscape. Lisbon has no shortage of ways to dazzle even the most well-traveled jetsetter.


Each of these fantastic destinations boast a plethora of ways to delight your senses. The only problem left is choosing which one. We suggest seeing them all, obviously. Get in touch today if you’d like help planning the ultimate Portugal experience. 


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