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Don't Make these 10 Travel Mistakes

Planning your next vacation? Make sure you’ve covered all the bases and follow these ten tips to avoid travel issues.


You’ve been dreaming about this vacation for months. Everything is planned down to the last detail. Nothing could go wrong… right? Take it from us – even the most meticulously planned trip can go awry when the unexpected happens. And sometimes, those mishaps can come from the most unexpected places, despite your months of careful planning. We are all about making sure  that your travel plans go as smoothly as possible. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of travel mistakes to avoid! It’s the next best thing to us planning your vacation for you!


1) Do you really need all those shoes? Obviously, yes, you do need all those shoes – but do you need to bring them all with you? Be realistic about what you’re packing. Aim for a curated set of timeless, versatile essentials that can be easily mixed and matched to create various outfits, and leave room in your luggage for all the fabulous new things you’re going to buy. 

2) Alert your bank. Few things are more frustrating than having your card declined when you’re trying to pay for dinner because the bank suspects someone’s gotten a hold of your card details. Let them know you’ll be traveling and where you’re going to avoid this issue. 

3) Keep important things with you. Just in case your luggage decides to go off adventuring without you, keep important items (including a change of clothes) in your carry-on. And keep absolutely essential items – medication, passport, etc. – in your handbag or personal item. 

4) Leave time for naps. We know you’re excited and want to see everything, but vacation should be relaxing. If you’re running from one activity to the next without time to breathe, you’ll be heading home more tired than you left! Plan for some downtime, whether you use it for resting or for being spontaneous! 

5) Beware of short layovers. You think you’re being clever by planning for short layovers with less time hanging around in the airport on connecting flights. But if your first flight is delayed at all, you’ll end up running from one end of the airport to the other and possibly missing it altogether. 

6) Don’t be THAT tourist. Yes, English is becoming more common around the world, but please don’t be that person, the one who expects everyone to speak English. Learn a few phrases before you go, download a language app (Google translate is your new bestie), and make an effort. 

7) Educate yourself. It’s common courtesy as well as common sense to learn the local rules and customs before you arrive in a new place. It only takes a quick search online. Besides avoiding insulting the locals by unwittingly doing something they find offensive, could also save you money. Don’t blame us if you get a $1,000 fine for chewing gum in Singapore!

8) Talk to the locals. Want to know where the best restaurants are? What hidden gems you absolutely must not miss? Talk to the people who actually live there. They’ll know all the secret treasures that you might miss out on if you rely solely on guidebooks. 

9) Spread your cash around. Don’t carry your money all in one place. If, God forbid, something happens, and you lose a stash of cash, you’re rest assured knowing you have more cash squirreled away elsewhere in your luggage or in the hotel room.

10) Just buy the travel insurance, trust us. Look. We know everyone is trying to save money, but the one thing you should NOT scrimp on is travel insurance. If, again God forbid, something goes wrong, travel insurance can be the difference between you being able to continue enjoying your trip or having to figure out a way to hitchhike home from a foreign country. The peace of mind is worth the few extra bucks.


Don’t let small problems ruin an otherwise wonderful vacation! By doing a small bit of planning ahead, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing getaway. (Of course, you could always let us do the planning for you…)


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