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Address and T-Shirt Size Validation Form

T-Shirt Shirt Size Validation

Please Validate Your T-Shirt Size: Note: T-shirts are Unisex T-shirts and are a cotton blend shirt. They are NOT made of stretch material.

Single choice
Child Small
Child Medium
Child Large

With the submission of this "XTD Travel Client Change of Address Form", I authorize XTD Travel to update my mailing address in all of its systems.   I also acknowledge that the address contained in this form will be used to mail any correspondence/packages that XTD Travel may need to mail to me.  And I further agree to hold XTD Travel harmless for any incorrect information provided by me in this form that may result in any correspondence/packages mailed to me being sent to the incorrect address or returned as undeliverable to XTD Travel.  

I also acknowledge that the t-shirt size provided here is the size shirt that XTD travel will include in my travel swag box. I further acknowledget that XTD Travel will be unable to swap t-shirts sizes if for some reason the t-shirt size provided does not fit.

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